Thoughts I try to put into words


How to work with AI

“The human being is the only animal that can ____”

In the future world, AI will do what AI is very good at, and humans will do what humans are very good at; and together, they can both do things neither could have achieved on its own. That is unless AI can just do it all by itself...then what? … read on.


The Dog Ate My Anxiety

Meet Otis. Otis eats worries.

I, like everyone else, sometimes have thoughts that are shaky, nervy and gnaw away in my stomach.But confronting these worries is often difficult because they’re invisible. I spend a lot of my tinker time finding ways to bring mental states out into the physical world, believing it’s much easier to deal with thoughts when they’re sitting there in front of you, blubbering away…read on


Are we talking about Innovation all wrong?

The danger of overlooking psychological creativity.

What do you think of when you hear the word Innovation? Take a moment.

What does it feel like? What does it look like? Is it impressive? Big? Shiny?

Does it look like this? … read on

benifits of daydreaming.png

Top 3 Scientific Benefits of Daydreaming

While teachers and adults spend a good deal of time discouraging daydreaming, research argues it could be a good thing. Welcome news for space cadets like myself.

Daydreaming, or mind wandering, is characterised as thoughts that are disconnected from the environment and the (often mundane) task at hand. As a prolific daydreamer, I was comforted to hear I’m not alone, with researchers estimating we all spend between 30-50% of our waking hours daydreaming…. read on


Library for Little Girls

The need for new narratives

I nanny two bright eyed, bouncy and big brained kids.A Boy, 8 years old. Let’s call him Charlie. And a Girl, 5 years old. We’ll call her Sarah. I’m going to talk about the stories that Charlie and Sarah are told. Bedtime stories.

Chapter 1: Bedtime Routine

Time 6pm… read on


Dear iPhone 5,

I’m with Google Pixel now.

And I miss being able to silence you with one flick.

I miss how you used to notify me, then leave me alone once I’d had a glance.

I miss how you’d share my friends reactions.

I miss how you never asked me to .… read on