Welcome to my Dungeons and Dragons Graveyard

In our most recent campaign I have acquired a particular set of skills. That of calling forth animal friends. Not one for gory battle, I relish the experience of exploring magical realms with my little critter buddies. Tragically. They almost always die. Immediately.



Nibblets was a brave, medium sized snowy owl. Affectionately known as Nibbles.
One day, whilst scouting ahead to determine safe passage in a maze of caves, Nibbles was poisoned as she poked her little face into a passage way. Always poking, always Nibbling, never forgotten.



Jewel was a quiet, small lizard.
In the afternoon sun, her scales would glisten and sparkle.One day, whilst exploring a cave, she was trapped in a fire. As she clung to the stalagmites, she took her final breath. A short lived life with a lasting impact. She is sorely missed.